PayPal payment available only in Euro (EUR) currency. The order total must reach 10€ before this payment method becomes active.

Please choose EUR currency if you want to use this payment method!

 Wire transfer

Wire transfer Bank transfer
  1. We will send you all necessary information after placing your order.
  2. Please, wait for your order to be confirmed before you transfer.

    Our EURO Bank Account (for EUR, € payments):
    IBAN SK39 8330 0000 0024 0173 6851 FIO Bank

    Our Forint Bank Account (for HUF, Ft payments):
    IBAN HU42 1202 5000 0142 4452 0010 0005 - Raiffeisen Bank

  3. As soon as the transfer arrives our customer service will change the order status to "Payment received".
  4. After this we will deliver your order ASAP.

These conditions are part of the Terms & Conditions